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Vibrissae, 2014-15. Rail mounted surface player.
Whisker, contact mic, amplifier, model railway, electronics


Edge Sweeps​

Before entering each room we released one of the small probes ahead of us. Like a dog the probe would circumnavigate the edge of the room, sniffing and feeling the skirting board hoping to release some information or perhaps a story of the place, like a needle playing a record. As if the edges held something. Edglings - They were not interested in the centre of the spaces just the seam of planes. Why we did this, I never knew, what we hoped to find remained a mystery- we just did it – room after room, house after house, street after street. . Taking it in turns to drive the non-descript van containing shelves for the probes and their batteries - like a police dog van 

Vibrissae, 2014-15. Wheel mounted surface player.
Arduino controlled robot, whisker, contact mic, amplifier, electronics
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