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The Cat's Whiskers 2014. Landscape of dust in constant state of surfacing disturbed by moving whiskers

Between the passes of the whirring whiskers, minute landscapes formed into valleys and escarpments, settling briefly only to be re-rendered and torn. Tendril-like towers of dust coalesced and reached for each other, forming a temporary architecture of buttresses, arches, and pillars, only to be atomised and rejoin the cloud. The space had reasserted itself through the release and settlement of its dust. The dust appeared almost like a viscous fluid, in a constant state of surfacing and re-surfacing.

In areas untouched by the shafts of light, the layer dust seemed to have become one with the shadows – working together like a velvet photon-absorbing wave of uncertain depth – a new semi- fluid architecture, devouring light, and excreting shadow – its surface constantly moving. Like bacteria within self-healing concrete – the dust fed on light to excrete umbra which relentlessly filled and healed any fissures where light might enter – an epic and relentless microscopic struggle between bombarding photons and shadow, to stop the light from reaching the surface and reflecting.

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