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Structural Survey 2023

The buyer asked for reduction in the price after having a structural survey done, which revealed evidence of movement in the last 165 million years. We instructed our solicitor to inform the buyer of the immanent return of the sub-tropical sea, and to forward them a list of the various creatures that were likely to live in it. 

It was the extra time that it takes to charge an electric car that allowed me to find the 165-million-year-old Jurassic seabed behind a Travelodge on the M4 in Wiltshire. The seabed and its millions of fossil sea creatures was quarried to form the foundations of the motorway, on which we ride and consume more fossil material. On returning home the collected fragment found its home in my home. Riding a net curtain high wire timeline on the upstairs hallway wall, leaving a new trace, itself an echo of one hundred and ten years of repeated human movement through the space. 

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