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Glass Choir 2019
Hearing aids and drinking glasses. Hearing aids listening and "singing" to each other through feedback and the resonance of glasses (My mother's hearing aid collection playing part of her glass collection)

The glasses, having spent years unused in a display case (waiting for the party that never happened), are liberated and activated through the addition of hearing aids. Their individual "songs" continually change, as the aids find the resonance of each glass and pause, only to begin the search again.

The glass choir formed itself quietly through the act of being left. There were no auditions, there isn't a conductor, and there are no rehearsals. The glasses slept for decades behind glass, waiting for the moment when they would find their voice. They accepted the hearing aids as the house was cleared, feeling their substance through the soft vibration and purring of the aids. Inturn, like homunculi, the hearing aids found their nests and curled up in the base of each glass, trembling like newly born things.

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