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Craft 2023 

The “craft” attachment was an extra that came with the vacuum cleaner – listed under “special tools” alongside the crevice tool, pet hair brush & spider web nozzle. It lay unused in the box. We connected it one day out of curiosity. Nothing happened until we connected it to the blow port on the cleaner. It resonated with a single almost ultrasonic drone which we felt through our feet and eyeballs. The hoze was in turn connected to a nozzle in the skirting board which led to the central vacuum chamber. The chamber held in increasingly dense and accreted form, all the sounds ever made in the house from birth to death- from orgasm to fart. The layers endlessly fed from and fused with each other to find new harmony. This sound fuel, distilled for over a hundred years powered the craft as it gently hovered along the coving.

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